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Product Range

Hermle Urgos Kieninger
1151 053 94 UW03094 RKO41
1151 050 85 UW03103B  
451 053/K2/94 UW32327E  
451 053/94 UW32316D  
451 050/94 UW32353D  
451 053/85 UW32319D  
451 050/85    
241 083/94    
241 033/75    

Vienna Clock Movements
141 041/45 (RM1)   PS26 (RM8)
141 041/32 (RM5)    
341 021/45 (RM5)    
241 870/75 (RM3)    
351 850/75 (RM4A)    
241 870/K2/94 (RM7)    

Bracket Clock Movements
1051 020/11   RWU131 080/21
340 020   JIII
130 677    
130 070    

Miscellaneous Movements
351 020/75    
131 080/21    

Quartz Battery Movements (Various manufacturers)

Quartz movement
Quartz pendulum (pendulum lengths 24cm & 60cm)
Quartz with Westminster chime
Quartz with Westminster chime and pendulum (pendulum lengths 24cm & 60cm)
Quartz insertion movements


Brass Dial 280x280x375mm Brass Moon Dial 280x280x395mm
Brass Dial 250x250x330mm Brass Moon Dial 250x250x352mm
Brass Dial 200x200x265mm Brass Moon Dial 250x250x330mm
Brass Dial 280x280mm Brass Moon Dial 200x200x276mm
Brass Dial 250x250mm Alloy Dial 250x250x330mm
Brass Dial 200x200mm Alloy Dial 200x200x265mm
Brass Dial 170x170mm Alloy Dial 250x250mm
Brass Dial 108x108mm Alloy Dial 200x200mm

Dials & Bezels
Available in sizes 113mm, 130mm, 147mm, 160mm & 200mm

Chapter Rings
Available in all sizes 244.5mm-50mm

Dummy Weights
Available in sizes 195x40mm, 195x32mm & 135x32mm

Finials, corinthian capitals, base capitals, clock handles, spandrels, escutcheons, locks, hinges, knobs, frets, pineapples, catches, feet, lions head, eagles, spires on spheres, etc.

Grandfather, Grandmother, Vienna Regulator and Bracket Clock

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